Founded in 1983, Barony Consulting Group Limited, is a dynamic independent consultancy which works with the public sector to develop new and improved services for both Local Government and National Government.

Barony recognises the need for greater flexibility and adaptability to allow for the political and legal context in which public sector organisations operate.

Barony runs workshops that help public sector staff involved in commissioning, procurement, contracts, value-for-money services and commercialisation to develop their skills and improve their effectiveness.

Barony also provides education and training courses in procurement, contract management, facilities management, energy and utility services, and sustainability and environmental issues, including corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Barony consultancy services include:
Cloud-Based IT support (through our Centre for eGovernment);
Data Analytics,
Thought Leadership; and
Innovative commercialisation projects.

With over 200 public sector clients, as well as some major clients in the Private Sector, Barony facilitates best practice in areas such as:
Best Value;
Children’s Services;
Revenues and Benefits;
Workflow Implementation; and
Work-Life Balance and Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP).