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Commissioning is growing in importance as a technique for resource allocation and improving efficiency and effectiveness. In a recent OFSTED report, ‘Evaluation of Approaches to Commissioning Young People’s Services’, it said,

”Commissioning had developed at a varied pace within the local authority areas visited. Inspectors judged that five had established systems in place; the remainder were in the process of determining their approach. Only two local authorities systematically managed commissioning as a strategic process that incorporated a comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of current arrangements and took into account the full range of alternative providers.”

“Local authorities should:

  • take a lead role in creating a collaborative and shared approach to commissioning
  • ensure commissioning is informed by evidence-based judgements
  • ensure they give proper consideration to using new providers, including those from the voluntary sector, community and charitable organisations
  • ensure a proper role for voluntary, community and charitable organisations in the design, decision-making and monitoring of commissioned services
  • recognise the value in maintaining local networks of practitioners and other local organisations”.

Our experience suggests that commissioning is poorly understood within local authorities. This is backed up by OFSTED’s comment,

“In the less effective practice, the process of commissioning was poorly understood; confusion between procurement and commissioning impaired planning.”

Barony’s Commissioning Healthcheck, based upon the principles of Commissioning Excellence therefore examines the enablers and processes:

  • Leadership and culture;
  • Policy and strategy;
  • People and understanding;
  • Partnerships and resources;
  • Customer results
  • People results
  • Society Measures
  • Key Performance measures;
  • contracting practice;
  • value for money;

and makes recommendations, offers training and mentoring to help you develop Commissioning Excellence and ensure that the inspectorate sees improvements in outcomes for Young People.

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