Professional Services
GP Consortia (GPCC)
Meeting the Challenge of Authorisation

Barony Consulting Group and the Institute of Commissioning Professionals have the perfect mix to help GP Consortia get to the Authorisation Stage to become a Statutory Body.

Our expertise covers;

  • Finance
  • Governance
  • Commissioning – from planning to
    contracting and monitoring
  • Organisational Development and,
    Leadership Skills.

Our experts come from a variety of backgrounds, from CEO’s, Directors, Professors, etc; all are highly qualified people from the Private to Public sector.


Our aim is to help you develop a highly organised team for your consortia. We endeavour to help you get the best people, with the correct qualifications, for the job.

GP Consortia graphic
  GP Commissioning Consortia – your way forward

For more information or to have an informal chat please contact

Doug Forbes (Director) or

Call on 0208 8191563

GPC Health Check – to find out where you are and what your needs are

Planning – planning your journey to ensure that you have all the components to achieve your successful outcomes

Implementation – Working through your plan to achieve Authorisation to become a Statutory body


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