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Meeting the Challenge of Collaborative Procurement

Collaborative procurement has a number of goals which include economies of scale, better technical specifications and aggregated delivery. If the attractions are so convincing, then why is collaboration a challenge and what can be done to improve matters?

The reasons can be varied, from people and personalities, to political and parties, and to leadership and role definition.

Or is it the task, defined by the scope, current practice, a fear of losing local control, discriminating against local providers, over and above the day job with no thanks or recognition for dealing with an intransigent problem.

Or is it due to elements of practice which are hard to change, differences in strategy and approach?
Barony offers an independent Collaborative Diagnostic, through a tailored questionnaire and interview to assess your collaborative project and identify what needs to be done to deliver success.

Part of the approach will focus upon economic benefits and we will examine market led benchmarks to assess this evidence. Our output will be to deliver a short report which identifies any barriers to success and delivers an action plan and future strategy.

To find out more, please contact Doug Forbes on 0208 8191563 or email

Barony is a member of the East Midlands EIP Second Tier Consultancy Framework.


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