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Council Tax – Single Person Discounts

In today’s climate of revenue maximisation, the increasing focus is to ensure the correct levels of Single Person Discounts are being awarded. During our many RevenueMark studies, we are seeing a wide range of SPD’s and this has evolved into target benchmarks.


By working towards these benchmarks, Councils are gaining more revenue and the collectable revenue is more accurate. In many councils, with 10,000 less discounts leading to £3m additional revenue, then can you afford the status quo?

There are a number of options for councils who wish to improve their SPD.
These range from:

  • validation of the total sums;
  • cleansing data;
  • use of internal and external databases;
  • production of evidence to withdraw the discount;
  • assistance in recovery; and
  • Collection.

Clearly the full spectrum service including recovery is more expensive and involves risk transfer. What a number of Councils are doing is to review practice and use data services then handle their own recovery.

What ever the option you choose, Barony can assist you:

  • in a tailored solution using a diagnostic;
  • new data sources and techniques; and
  • Partnering with the best in the business.

So if you are not satisfied with you existing approach, then why not call us?
To find out how we can assist you in your SPD Challenge, please contact:

Doug Forbes on 0208 8191563 or email


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