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Local and central government have been investing in new software and require to gain efficiencies and eliminate waste from this investment. Process Mining is the new terminology and technology which allows critical analysis of your IT transactional process investment.

The term Data Mining has been used for some years with many established firms offering services in the marketplace. This has tended to concentrate on mining large scale databases for information rather than system operational performance. Now, Barony can quickly and cheaply examine your system operational performance. This tells you where your  IT processes can be optimised for improved performance.

Barony is introducing Process Mining to the public sector marketplace so that we can help you check and identify how your systems are operating in practice.

The new diagnostic involves accessing your system log files and establishing any delays and bottlenecks, multiple handling, waste and ineffective routing.

This will provide highly graphic information for customer led transformation, eliminate waste and help to introduce lean programmes by establishing where and how long processes are being delayed. This will provide you with the focus and information to be able to deliver results.

Key areas for examination are in transactional services such as Revenues and Benefits, Call and Contact Centres, Planning, Casework, Exam Marking, Bursaries, Appeals, Recruitment, Salaries and Payroll and Correspondence.

For a discussion on how Process Mining can help you and the customer, please contact Doug Forbes on 0208 8191563 or email on


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