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Strategic Commissioning and Procurement Services

Barony has a long history in assisting the public sector with contracting and complex service procurement. It is partnering with the IoCP to offer a complementary service in Health. Commissioning is about ‘what to buy’ and procurement is about acquiring it. With today’s emphasis on Strategic Commissioning and Contracting, we offer to fill in any gaps in your current  service. We offer a full spectrum service in the area of Commissioning and Contracting including training, staffing support, leadership development and coaching.

Whatever your needs, from team building to provision of support, from a Strategic Commissioning Diagnostic to tasks such as specification assurance or value for money exercises providing market intelligence, Barony offers to provide procurement support at a number of levels on a contract or consultancy basis:

  • Leadership Development;
  • Commissioning Analysis and Strategy;
  • Market Management and stimulation;
  • Review of Financial Regulations, Scheme of Delegation, Contract Standing Orders and Social Services derogations;
  • Contracting strategy, scoping and packaging;
  • Agile Procurement;
  • Procurement Planning;
  • Design of Buyer profiles;
  • Procurement Spend analysis;
  • Project initiation and Business Case completion;
  • Commercial intelligence;
  • Soft market testing and market surveys;
  • Sizing specifications;
  • Completion of each contract notice;
  • Assurance of your contract notices including optimising the correct procedure ;
  • Writing or assurance of complex contract documentation;
  • Outcome and Output Specification writing including descriptive documents;
  • Training on Specification Writing;
  • Pricing and method statements;
  • Securing Framework agreements for new services;
  • Advising on the new social and environmental Guidance;
  • Market stimulation and increasing local supplier spend;
  • Design of tender evaluation schemes;
  • Tender evaluation training;
  • Contract Management and evaluation;
  • eProcurement business case, PID, specification, pricing and selection;
  • Advice on eAuctions and Dynamic Procurement Systems;
  • Negotiated or Competitive Dialogues;
  • Framework Agreements and Contracts;
  • Innovation and Incentivisation practice and methods;
  • Contracting Referee;
  • Arbitration and dispute resolution;
  • Exit strategies; and
  • Training on all of the above.

Should you wish to discuss any of these services then please don’t hesitate to contact Doug Forbes on 0208 8191563 or email

In addition, we have published ‘Achieving Commissioning Excellence’ – How to embed Commissioning Excellence in your organisation. It is practical guide to help you develop Commissioning best practice.

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