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With the new budget round approaching and services under pressure, can independent benchmarking and diagnostics improve your performance?


What is RevenueMark and BenefitMark?


It’s a unique toolkit and model enhanced by an innovative partnership with South Gloucestershire Council, which builds upon Barony’s expertise in the field to:

  • Diagnose Council Tax, Business Rates and Benefits performance;
  • Measure cashable and non cashable savings for transactional services;
  • Provide a template for improvement for Shared Services or mutualisation;
  • Enable targeting of effort to produce improved performance;
  • Assist with investment decisions and business cases;
  • Evaluation of any commercial bids;
  • Assess the optimum staffing levels, grades and organisation to achieve high performance;
  • Identifies any excessive call centre activity;
  • Provides detailed process maps which back up macro models.

They focus upon Council Tax, Business Rates and Benefits performance and act as a powerful diagnostic tool. They have identified ineffective call centres and systems issues and resulted in cost savings.  

How does it work?

RevenueMark records the volume of business activity carried out by the Revenues Service. Some examples are the percentage collection, cost of collection, time taken for appeals, volume of direct debits and enquiries processed. There are many more indicators which are weighted. Then, using budgetary information supplied by the Service, it calculates your RevenueMark based upon a range of measures. As a diagnostic, uniquely it follows through into process maps and procedures which explain best practice. In addition, optimum levels of activity quickly diagnose where improvement can be achieved.

Its roots go back to the 1990’s but the 2011 model includes many additional features such as quality and unit cost measures based upon outcomes. If you are one of the many Councils which participated some years ago, you know it works!

Benchmarking is useful in ranking performance but it does not act as a detailed diagnostic to identify the specific areas which require attention. For instance, general benchmarking does not indicate the percentages of instalment reminders, summonses and arrangements expected.

The Diagnostic provides independent suggestions for best practice to show the council where it is doing well and where there is room for improvement.  So you can learn directly from this expertise.

Both RevenueMark and BenefitMark have been validated against the best in class so you know that excellence is achievable.

How is it delivered for you?

The Diagnostic Service is undertaken using a unique software toolkit which is used by Barony consultants. This brings objectivity,  consistent data collection and interpretation, assurance and sharing information and best practice.

For a typical Borough, RevenueMark and Benefitmark shows you how and where you can deliver improvement.  

What do the experts say?

Mike Hayesman, South Gloucestershire’s Head Customer Services said: “All the information produced can be fed into the model, giving us a real picture of where we are”.

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