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Opening Local Government – An Opportunity or a Threat?  Impact Study

CIPFA has been quoted by LGC as saying that the White Paper is ‘CCT with Spades’. With the consultation period ongoing, the Council has an opportunity to respond to the White Paper and consider the issues from all dimensions including the power of general competence and the Health and Social Care reforms where Clinical Commissioning Groups are being established.

Councils are currently scoping the work to establish what needs to be done to move towards becoming a Commissioning Authority. A view of how Commissioning will work and satisfy the transparency requirements of ‘Right to Provide’ is required. In addition, what understanding and vision is required to achieve ‘Commissioning Excellence’?

Therefore an independent Impact Study is required to identify, quantify and assess the issues for your members and the Council, This is a key strategic issue which will affect your members and consumers of services offered by the Council. In addition internal issues of leadership, policy, performance, partnerships, culture, skills, systems, risk, resources and infrastructure will require to be considered alongside the real challenges of restructuring and running costs, pensions and likely overall benefits.

These proposed reforms address some of the weaknesses of CCT by building capacity in the mutual sector but do little for corporate cohesion in rural areas, let alone the risk in offshoring jobs and consequent social return on investment.

Indeed, your insurers know all too well the risks of commissioning and contract management.
Importantly, the Impact Study will be done with you, not to you and consists of surveys, interviews, quantitative and qualitative analysis, SWOT sessions and final report.

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