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Public Sector

Barony expert Consultants can help your organisation to achieve Public services that are better, quicker and cheaper

The Public Sector has come under increasing pressures to deliver services more efficiently and effectively. The public expectations continue to rise in terms of quality and range of services and they expect and deserve much faster delivery than ever before.

The pressures can only increase as the Government wrestles with the economic fallout of the banking crisis working through to recession and the huge cost of public debt at a time when an ageing population is adding to the cost of Healthcare, Pensions and Social Care with a simultaneous reduction in the proportion of working adults.

Public services therefore are faced with the same kind of forces that our companies working in a competitive global environment have increasingly experienced. That is continually improving the service while simultaneously reducing the cost. Barony Core staff use their experience working at board level in public, private and third sectors to offer innovative solutions that take a whole systems approach to service delivery.

Barony is an independent management consultancy that combines experience in private companies with knowledge of the Public Sector and emerging technology to facilitate effective, sustainable improvements in service delivery.

This cross-fertilisation of ideas and skills is of great value to our clients enabling them to keep their own professional staff fully engaged in the change process facilitated by Barony to achieve the best combination of our consultants’ broad experience and the specialist skills and local knowledge of permanent staff.

Our facilitation and Professional services include:

Barony enables change with the client not to the client.

Our facilitation approach fully engages with key staff and enables change from within that is directed at solving local problems with local solutions drawn from wide experience.

We therefore offer the opportunity for objective diagnostic and strategic analysis leading to operational process improvements and implementation. All at minimal cost and disruption using tried ideas from other sectors and with the added benefit of skills transfer to existing professional staff in a supportive collaborative manner.

Alternatively, Barony has the resources and capability to manage services on your behalf.

With a wide selection of very experienced consultants and associates who have all held senior positions in major organisations (many at director level) Barony has the skills, experience and full capability to provide temporary or long term managers and support staff. This option is superior to contract placements having the added benefit of access  to support from the wider Barony company resources.