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Localism Act - Developing Intrapreneurship

Delivered in partnership with Cobbetts LLP and Public Service Mutuals with the Cooperative

Barony Workshops – “Does what it says on the box”

Venue: London – Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury, London
Venue: Wednesday 14th March, 2012

With DCLG guidance on the ‘Right to Challenge’ due this month and the budget round coming to an end, staff and directors are considering its impact. In line with the Coalition Government’s ambition to put more power and opportunity in the hands of local people, we have designed a workshop which will help to empower public sector workers to become their own boss and enable them to deliver better services.

We offer an open full day workshop, to be held in London which will provide an introduction to the ‘Right to Challenge’ and then informs Intrapreneurs of the issues to be considered before submitting an Expression of Interest. Importantly, these will blend training with advice on establishing your chosen options for progress.

Part 1 Workshop – Introduction 

To anticipate and outline the issues for any group considering making an  ‘Expression of Interest’ under the Localism Act and enable the mutualisation option.


9.30 Introductions
Who you are and why are you here?
9.45 Localism Act
Right to Challenge
Functions and Service
Likely Procedures
10.30 Commissioning
Proposed changes to Public Procurement Directives
Relevance for authorities
11.00 Relationships and Business Structure
Organisational Structures and their relationship to the business
CIC, Cooperatives and Mutuals
Context within Power of General Competence
Legal and Governance.
How can this deliver better services?
Is it right for your staff?
11.45 Next Steps?
Taking the first step
Additional support                        
12.00 Summary and Preparation for Part 2    

Part 2 Workshop – Preparing for the Expression of Interest

The objective is to outline the key issues and decisions to be taken before making an Expression of Interest under the ‘Right to Challenge’ legislation.

What is an Expression of Interest?
What do you have to do before preparing the EoI?

  • Scope the service
  • Authority and Strategic support.
  • Is there a customer benefit?
  • Is it viable – funding and return?
  • Is there clear leadership?
  • Are the staff onside?
  • TUPE and Pensions
  • Stakeholders
  • Assets
  • Marketing
  • Governance and Organisational Structure
  • Taxation
  • Cost of Change
  • Business Case

This will be undertaken as a facilitated session with each interest group dealing with the above issues and presenting their conclusions to the consultants as critical friends.

It will be delivered by experts covering legal, management, leadership and finance. The governance advice will be delivered in partnership with Cobbetts LLP. Where the mutualisation option is preferred, practical experience will be delivered by Public Service Mutuals with The Co-operative experts.

It is important to establish the scope of the Mutual, if there is staff confidence and buy-in, and leadership and assess what needs to be done in order to move the project forward. Most officers are expert in what they do yet this represents a new set of challenges where leadership is important. It also requires creativity in market development.

Who should attend?
The course is designed for leaders and community groups considering making an Expression of Interest under the ‘Right to Challenge’ so that they understand the key issues of leadership and the decisions to be taken in achieving their ambitions.


Doug Forbes Doug Forbes BSc hons, DMS, MIHM, Director
Barony Consulting Group

Formerly a local government officer and forming a management consultancy, Doug understands the challenges and rewards in running a successful business which trades primarily within the local government sector. He has been instrumental in forming member owned, not for profit organisations and forming strategies to develop them. This expertise has been distilled into a workshop which is designed to prepare and inform delegates for the ‘Right to Challenge’ and the opportunities created as a result of the recent Localism Act. Barony holds an extensive range of commercial performance indicators which will inform any subsequent business case and business plan particularly regarding commercial viability.
Doug has spoken at a number of successful conferences on innovative approaches for the public sector in UK, for Professional Associations, local and central UK government, in Europe and the UN. He brings a broad approach and specific sector knowledge which will provide a number of insights for delegates. He is also Chair of the Institute of Healthcare Managers Commissioning Division – Institute of Commissioning Professionals.

spacerRoss Griffiths

Ross Griffiths LLB, Director
Cobbetts LLP

Ross is an experienced lawyer and manager formerly in the public sector and the privatised sector.  As a public sector manager, he has managed statutory and voluntary changes to the structure of organisations and eventually participated in their privatisation.  Currently he advises mainly public sector bodies on strategic procurement options, change management, externalisation, joint ventures and PPP.
His clients include local authorities, NHS trusts and other parts of the public sector and he advises from consideration of policy options, on the conduct of projects through to implementation and mobilisation. Examples of Ross’s recent experience include; disposal of public transport undertakings; creation of separate companies for local authority direct services departments; social enterprises in Transforming Community Services;  and joint ventures between local authorities and private sector partners for the transfer of professional services and works departments.
In addition, Ross was also seconded for a number of years to the Strategic Partnering Taskforce of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister dealing with Local Authority – NHS – private sector integration projects.

Kevin Jaquiss Kevin Jaquiss MA, Partner
Cobbetts LLP

Kevin holds the Financial Times Innovative Lawyer of the Year 2010 award for his work in developing new structures for the delivery of community services, focusing most recently on new methods of funding.  His experience covers both the design of appropriate governance and management structures and the implementation of new enterprise projects across a range of public services, including health.
Kevin’s original background is in employment law and he offers advice on human resource strategy, including change management and collective bargaining issues
He is a qualified mediator and a regular speaker at conferences and seminars in his areas of expertise.

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